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Please see the following links, which contain useful links for resources that can inform your Information Technology and Business Operations Departments.

CryptoCurrency Related Links

  • (formerly is a Bitcoin block explorer service, which provides data on recent blockchain transactions. Further, this site is useful for charts on the bitcoin economy, statistics, and other resources that are useful to the developer. Link:

  • Bitcoin Forum is one of several discussion forums that are noted on this page. Bitcoin Forum is a place to explore, discuss, and ask questions about Bitcoin, the blockchain, and other related Bitcoin topics. Bitcoin Forum requires registration to engage and participate. Link:

  • Bit$ provides a news feed about digital currencies. Link:
  • BitcoinTalk is a ‘no ads’ website where you can discuss and explore other conversations about Bitcoin and Altcoins. This is a good site to get involved in the conversations that revolve around digital currency. Link:
  • is a website that provides information for Businesses, Developers, and Miners on blockchain development. Link: In particular, this site has training information for the developer on “Blockchains 101,” “API Quick Start”, “Bitcoin / Dash / Doge / Litecoin Docs,” “Ethereum Docs,” and other useful developer content. The Hello World/Developers site on Blockcypher is located here: Note: This site requires you to register. You will have free access to limited features when you sign up for an individual/free plan.
  • CoinMarketCap is a good website to explore various cryptocurrency prices. Exploration involves exchanges, products, tools, and even an area to learn a bit more about digital currencies. Link:
  • is a website that is used to do analysis on various digital currencies. Link:
  • Smith + Crown ICO, Token Sales, Crowdsales is a website that discusses ongoing/pending ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and other related topics about emerging digital currency markets. Link:
  • is a good website to explore digital currencies. Trend analysis and other metrics can be viewed for most digital currencies. Link:

 Links for the Developer